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Divorce And How To Make Good Decisions To Protect Your Future

The dissolution of your marriage could give rise to unexpected personal and financial conflicts. The manner in which those conflicts are resolved has lasting implications. With the help of a trusted divorce lawyer, you can make wise decisions that protect your best interests and the future of your family.

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce can be a volatile legal process. It is not uncommon to feel compelled to act out of fear or frustration. Having a lawyer serve as your advocate and help you make well-planned legal decisions from the start can prevent you from making costly mistakes. If you or your spouse is filing for divorce, contact me. I am Joshua W. Martin, and I have comprehensive knowledge of California law and a strong civil litigation background. I will help you develop a strategy that best serves you and your family’s needs.

Sound Legal Support And Guidance For Sensitive Matters

It is no secret that divorce is an emotionally painful situation. I provide clients with compassionate support and proactive legal solutions that help them close this difficult chapter and move onto the next phase in life. I can educate you on the necessary steps to achieve favorable results in a variety of matters, including:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • Property division
  • Marital debt distribution
  • Spousal support
  • Divorce mediation

Divorce becomes even more complicated if children are involved.

Why You Need An Experienced Child Custody Attorney

By carefully examining your situation, needs and goals, I can help you craft a custody arrangement that truly puts the best interests of your children at the helm of your decisions. With extensive trial experience, I am well-prepared to defend your children’s rights and protect your family dynamic throughout the divorce process and into the courtroom.

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You deserve a firm foundation. When you work with me, your divorce has the added advantage of a knowledgeable lawyer who cares about your future stability after divorce. I provide individuals with the legal knowledge and aggressive advocacy they need to protect them and their families throughout all stages of divorce. Contact The Law Office of Joshua W. Martin in Arroyo Grande online or call my office at 805-250-0472 today to schedule a consultation.